How to Take a Reference Photo for a House Portait

"Using a digital camera to take a house portait reference photo is easy if you follow these steps."

By: Jeanna Nelis
How to Take a Reference Photo for a House Portrait

1. Use a digital camera. By following a few easy steps you can take your own photograph to be used as a reference for a custom house portrait. A service like www.houseportraitsonline.com can adjust color for the custom home portrait, add detail, change the season, and take out unwanted objects during the painting process.

2. Use the highest resolution possible on your camera. All digital cameras have an adjustment feature which will allow you to adjust your resolution. See your camera manual for instructions on setting the resolution of pictures. A high resolution shot will provide the custom house portrait artist with good color and detail of the house.

3. Take your picture of the house portrait reference photo in early morning or late afternoon. This provides the best light for taking pictures of buildings. The light at this time of day is warm and will let the camera capture the color of the home best. You may want to avoid harsh midday sun as this may wash out the detail in the home and cast harsh shadows onto the building. It is also best to have the sun behind you over your shoulder. Rainy days or very dark overcast days are also not the best time to take a reference photo for a custom house portrait as colors and details will be hard for the camera to capture.

4. The camera should be held straight to avoid distortion of the building. And should be aimed somewhere between the bottom and middle of the house. This is not always possible, due to the location of the home. A custom house portrait artist may be able to correct for some distortion of the house.

5. Although a very good effect can be achieved by taking your reference photo for a custom house portrait straight on, if you step to the side of the home and frame the side of the home as well as the front in your view finder, you will get a more interesting view of the home. If you are going to take a shot that includes two side of the home, try to avoid taking it from the garage side unless the home has architecturally interesting garage doors.

6. Including landscape in your reference photo for a custom house portrait is also a very good idea. It acts as a frame for the home. Adds interest and can soften the hard lines of home for a custom house portrait. It will also give the home perspective and can add to the composition of a custom house portrait.

Source: http://houseportraitsonline.com

Quidelines to follow to take a good refernce photo for a house portrait.